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Need a monologue for an acting class or audition? Use one of these. No charge, but let us know when and where you used it and we'll give you a discount on any future purchase from Arbery Publications.

     Angel (M, 40-60) a priest agonises over his sexuality

     Ben & Joe's (M 40 - 60) a middle-aged man describes a quiet gay bar

     Los Feliz (M late 20s / early 30s) a salesman talks about women

     Now We Are Pope (M 50s) a cantankerous man alone in his room

     Sunset (W 60+) a grandmother remembers a crisis in her married life

     Tadzio Speaks . . . (M 50+) a middle-aged man remembers a fateful summer
Want a dialogue? In this adaptation of Ben Jonson's Volpone the scheming Volpone (M 40+) meets his match in the overbearing Lady Would-Be (40+), with a small part for Lady Would-Be's servant
Martin Foreman is the author of two novels (Weekend and The Butterfly's Wing) and two short story collections (A Sense of Loss and First and Fiftieth) as well as non-fiction and journalism. He began writing for the stage in 2012, with four one-man plays which won the Solo Festival New Writing Award for that year. Other one-(wo)man plays followed and were successfully produced in several theatres in London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013 and 2014. In 2016 he directed J B Priestley's one-act play The Rose and Crown at the Edinburgh Fringe to four-star reviews. He is directing his adaptation of Volpone for the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe with the long-standing theatre group EGTG.

writing website: martinforeman.com               theatre / film website: martinforeman.com

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