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Californian Lives
by Martin Foreman

"I couldn't take the children and I couldn't leave them.
There was no new life for me. I couldn't be free. I could only be me."

The stories of very different Californians in three one (wo)-man plays. In Los Feliz a young salesman in a diner tells how he met the woman of his dreams. In Ben and Joe's an older gay man relates how lives were disturbed by the arrival of a young stranger in a quiet bar. In Sunset a housewife remembers her first date, the man she married and their time together.

Set in the 1990s, Californian Lives was highly praised when it premiered at the King's Head Theatre in London in 2013. Broadway World described the plays as "utterly convincing portraits of love"; Views from the Gods considered them "intense, emotionally-charged"; while The Public Reviews drew attention to the "fine descriptive writing". (There are more reviews on Arbery Productions.)

Includes the text of the plays and an introduction and afterword which give the background to the origins of the stories.

ISBN 978-0-9933546-3-2       soft cover, 58pp (app 105 mins on stage)      5.99
Californian Lives by Martin Foreman

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Martin Foreman is the author of two novels (Weekend and The Butterfly's Wing), two short story collections (A Sense of Loss and First and Fiftieth) and several plays as well as non-fiction and journalism. First and Fiftieth comprises fifteen narratives, all told in the first person, spanning the globe, ages and sexes, from a teenage boy in middle England to a grandmother in the hills of California. Three of these stories were adapted for Californian Lives.

Since Martin began acting in 2011 he has appeared in stage productions in London and Edinburgh and in short films. He has adapted several short stories for the stage (all available from Arbery Publications). He has also directed his own work and J B Priestley's The Rose and Crown.

writing website: martinforeman.com               theatre / film website: martinforeman.me.uk

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